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  • Silver 4.25 (4.03)
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Shipping Policy

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1. Shipping fees and policy

1.1. AB Metals FZCO strives to provide comprehensive and accurate information to its customers, but please note that the photos, videos, texts, and prices of the products displayed on the website are for informational purposes only and are not contractual.

1.2. The prices of the products shown on the website are listed in US dollars ($), Indian rupees (₹), Euro (€), and UAE dirhams (AED).

1.3. AB Metals FZCO provides a list of countries to which it delivers on its website, and it reserves the right to modify this list at any time. If the customer requires shipping to a country that is not listed, they must contact AB Metals FZCO's Customer Service (info@abmetals.co, tel. +971 50 259 7330) to obtain a cost estimate and check if this option is available.

1.4. Shipping fees are calculated and payable per order, as it is not technically feasible to consolidate multiple orders into a single shipment. AB Metals FZCO insures all orders shipped to the customer for the sales price of the purchased product(s) from AB Metals FZCO or, for the product(s) stored with AB Metals FZCO, for the metal value at the time of the delivery request.

1.5. The customer acknowledges that the products and services provided by AB Metals FZCO, along with their respective information, pricing, and data availability, may be subject to errors, oversights, mistakes, limitations, delays, and service interruptions from time to time. These issues may arise due to factors such as human or mechanical errors, typographical errors, and technical difficulties related to AB Metals FZCO's computer hardware and software, telecommunication and operating systems, databases, or business processes and procedures. Furthermore, problems inherent in the use of the internet and electronic communications, including force majeure events and acts and omissions of third parties, may also impact the products and services provided by AB Metals FZCO, its information and data, or such communications. As a result, the customer acknowledges that AB Metals FZCO cannot be held responsible or liable for any delays, failures, or losses caused by or resulting from any of the aforementioned problems, in whole or in part.

(i) including, without limitation, completely or partially, related to or arising out of AB Metals FZCO or AB Metals FZCO providers' computer hardware and software, telecommunication and operating systems, databases, or business processes and procedures.

(ii) as well as other problems inherent in, or which may be associated with, the use of the internet and electronic communications including, without limitation, force majeure events as well as government, regulatory and acts and omissions of third parties affecting or impacting the products and the services provided by AB Metals FZCO, its information and data, or such communications. Consequently, the customer will not hold AB Metals FZCO responsible and liable, in any way whatsoever, for any delays, failure, or other loss due to, caused by, or resulting from any of the problems described here above, in whole or in part.

2. Transfer of Risk, Shipping, and taxes

2.1. AB Metals provides insurance for all the products during delivery. As soon as the shipping is completed, the risk is transferred to the customers.

2.2. All product(s) are shipped by AB Metals FZCO at its discretion by an internationally recognised carrier.

2.3. AB Metals FZCO states that the delivery of products sent by registered and insured mail typically takes 1-10 business days, but this time frame is not a contractual obligation and is only an estimate. This delivery time does not apply to products marked with the "PRESALE" label, for which AB Metals FZCO will provide a custom estimated delivery or storage period.

2.4. In the event that the customer chooses the "Shipping" option, the delivery of the product(s) will be made to the address specified by the customer at the time of placing the order through the website or to the address provided in person by the customer during a visit to the shop.

2.5. The delivery process will be considered finished once the product(s) has been handed over to a person at the specified address or pickup location, who identifies themselves as authorised to receive the delivery. The recipient may be asked to provide identification as proof of authorization. Deliveries to mailboxes or deposit boxes are prohibited and will not be covered by insurance.

2.6. In the event that AB Metals FZCO is unable to deliver the product(s) due to circumstances beyond its control, it reserves the right to cancel the contract. The customer will be refunded any payments made, subject to AB Metals FZCO's market loss policy. In such a scenario, the customer cannot seek any damages or reimbursement of additional expenses from AB Metals FZCO, and the company's rights, including the right to offset additional costs, will not be affected.

2.7. The customer is solely responsible for any transport or shipping costs, taxes, and risks associated with the shipment of the product(s) due to reasons attributable to the customer. This includes situations such as unclaimed products, inaccurate or incomplete delivery addresses, or unauthorised persons receiving the product(s) at the customer's designated address. In the event of a reshipment, all associated costs will also be the sole responsibility of the customer.

2.8. AB Metals FZCO will not send another order unless the original order is paid in full, including any costs for returning the product, any applicable duties, taxes, and any additional fees required to ship the product back to the customer.

2.9. AB Metals FZCO may split the delivery of products into several packages if the total value exceeds a certain amount, for insurance purposes. In such cases, a dedicated shipping service will be used by AB Metals FZCO.

2.10. The delivery of products ordered from AB Metals FZCO may attract taxes and duties for the customer. It is the customer's responsibility to bear any such taxes or duties.

2.11. The customer is responsible for checking with their local customs regarding the duty and tax rates applicable to their order(s) of the product(s). AB Metals FZCO will always declare the total value of the shipment on any customs form, and there are no exceptions to this policy.

2.12. The customer is responsible for paying all duties and taxes related to the delivery of their product(s) at the time of delivery. AB Metals FZCO will not be held accountable for any duties or taxes that are the customer's responsibility. The customer must pay all taxes and duties before the delivery can be completed, and they agree not to make any claims against AB Metals FZCO regarding this matter.

2.13. Important notice: The Customer must refuse any shipment which appears to be damaged or tampered with as the shipping insurance ends once the delivery is deemed complete. When refused, the package(s) will return to AB Metals FZCO for inspection. Customers must immediately submit a complaint by e-mail (info@abmetals.co) to the AB Metals FZCO Customer Service to preserve any associated rights against the shipper/carrier.

2.14. In the event of any disruption in product delivery, the customer is obligated to collaborate with AB Metals FZCO during any investigation or claims process and to take any reasonable action requested of them. Failing to fully cooperate may compromise the insurance coverage that could be provided to the customer. AB Metals FZCOreserves the right to modify this policy at any time, as well as the general T&C and other policies, which may be revised from time to time. If any changes are made, this page will be updated accordingly, and it is the customer's sole responsibility to periodically check for updates.

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