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Refund & Return Policy

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1. Return policy

AB METALS FZCO does not accept any returns or exchanges after delivery unless explicitly agreed upon in writing. If AB METALS FZCO agrees to an exchange, it must take place within seven (7) working days of the customer receiving confirmation that the return request has been accepted. After this period, any return not accepted by AB METALS FZCO will be considered refused.

Upon returning, the item customer must use the original packaging and obtain a signature. The customer is fully responsible for the risk of loss during the return shipment, as well as all costs related to the return. For further information, customers should contact AB METALS FZCO customer service via email at info@abmetals.co or by phone at +971 50 259 7330.

2. Refund, Defects, and liability for damages

2.1. If a defect in a product is not apparent at the time of delivery and is only discovered after the customer has received the product(s), the customer must inform Customer Service (info@abmetals.co) within three (3) working days from the date of receipt. If the customer fails to report such a defect within three working days, the product will be considered accepted by the customer, regardless of any defects, visible or hidden.

2.2. If a customer purchases multiple products and one of them is found to be defective, its replacement or shipment feasibility will not nullify the entire purchase contract.

2.3. Once AB METALS FZCO accepts a claim for any material defect, the company holds the right to either ship the items again at its own expense or to refund the customer, completely or partially, at its discretion. Furthermore, AB METALS FZCO will not have any extended responsibility to the customer regarding the product and purchase contract.

2.4. Upon request, AB METALS FZCO may but is not obligated to, allow the customer to exchange a product for an identical one in the event of a non-material defect. In this case, the customer must receive written confirmation by email from AB Metals FZCO that the exchange request has been approved.

2.5. The customer shall bear all risks and costs associated with the return of the Products for reasons attributable to the customer, such as storing the returned products, transport and shipping costs, taxes, and any risks inherent in the return process. This includes situations where the customer fails to claim the product, provides an inaccurate or incomplete delivery address, or for any other reason attributable to the customer.

2.6. Refunds will be issued solely through the Original Mode of Payment used for the purchase. AB METALS FZCO reserves the right to modify these policies at any time. Any updates or changes to these Terms and Conditions will be reflected on this page. The customer is solely responsible for regularly checking this page to remain informed of any revisions.

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