• Gold 282.25 (282.25)
  • Silver 3.94 (3.92)
  • Gold 995.0 280.83 (280.83)
  • Festival Collection 4.44 (4.42)


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below is a list of questions that are most commonly asked. If there is anything we have not answered below, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.

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AB Metals aims to provide a fast, genuine, and efficient service to our customers that is secure, transparent, and trackable. As the value of transactions is high, we need to ensure the authenticity of the identity of each  customer. Therefore, individual customer account registration is mandatory, this allows us to fulfil the requirements. These are the requirements that are to be fulfilled as an obligation as a company to the UAE Authorities.

We maintain the confidentiality of the personal data of our customers. We assure our valued customers’ personal details are protected and securely held on our password-protected computers. (See terms and conditions to learn more)

To make a purchase on our online portal, simply add the items to your cart and complete the payment at checkout to finalise your order.

All precious metal bars have a positive weight tolerance.

At AB Metals FZCO, we do not sell shared precious metals. All products stored with AB Metals FZCO are physically kept inside our secured vaults in Dubai, UAE.. The customers will remain the sole owner of all the products which are stored in your secure storage., irrespective of the weight or value of the product.

Access Points are secure locations selected directly by FedEx. You will be required to bring your ID to pick up your deliveries. Our deliveries are also insured and come in discreet packaging for security purposes.

Depending upon the premium level of metals, products with even the same weight differ in their prices. The premium is the part of the price with which we cover our costs and margins. It varies depending on the product’s specifics, craftsmanship, and associated costs (production, handling, warehousing, etc.). Therefore, a cast bar and a minted bar of the same weight will differ in price.

No, there is no minimum or maximum limit. You can sell the products back to us that you are currently stored in the AB Metals FZCO vaults.

To guarantee the quality of our precious metals, AB Metals FZCO buys back only those products that are currently stored in our secured vaults. We cannot buy products that have been delivered to you and have been stored elsewhere. To sell your stored products, simply go to your “My Storage” and select the products you want to sell.

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