• Gold 282.25 (282.25)
  • Silver 3.94 (3.92)
  • Gold 995.0 280.83 (280.83)
  • Festival Collection 4.44 (4.42)


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below is a list of questions that are most commonly asked. If there is anything we have not answered below, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.

For enhanced and improved security, we do not allow any unauthorised person to access the secured vaults at AB Metals physically. However, customers can control their stored metal by simply logging in to their respective accounts and accessing the information. In addition, the customer is also allowed to request for delivery of their stored item or sell it if needed.

Yes, we offer an instant storage solution for all the precious metals bought from our platform. When placing your order, simply select the “Insured Storage” option, and you will directly store your precious metals in our secured vault. You can access the list of your stored products on the “My Storage” page of your personal account.

Note that once delivered, your products are no longer available for physical storage at AB Metals.

We do not buy products that have been shipped or purchased outside of AB Metals FZCO. AB Metals FZCO only provides storage for products that are on our platform and only buys back products that are currently stored in our secured vaults. Once delivered, your products are no longer available for resale or for storage at AB Metals FZCO.

AB Metals FZCO buys back your stored products at Spot Price, also known as market price. There will be a 2% admin fee that is deducted from the total invoice amount. Customers should note that AB Metals only buys products that are bought and stored at AB Metals FZCO.

Yes, all the products you store in our vault are insured and protected against theft, damage, and loss.

Yes, all the precious metals stored in our secure vaults are 100% physically allocated.

Yes, we can buy back the precious metals that you have stored with us. You can sell them back to us instantly from AB Metals personal account, 24/7.

We advise you to include your assets stored with AB Metals FZCO in your will. Your heirs will be able to take possession of your stored items once the inheritance is settled by the relevant authority (judge, notary, etc.)

You can keep the precious metals in our vaults for as long as you like.

All your products stored with AB Metals FZCO are covered by our insurance at no extra cost. Our insurance covers the total amount of the price you paid at purchase for your stored products.

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