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Why Investing In Physical Silver Is A Good Idea This Year?

16 August 2023

Investment in precious metals has long been a popular method to grow and secure our financial future. One of these metals, Silver, renowned for its shiny appearance, holds unique allure in the market since ancient times. Silver has been used to craft jewellery and hold inherent value as an investment. Moreover, including physical silver in the investment strategy is a smart move to diversify portfolios and protect against inflation. With a plethora of reasons that align in favour of this precious metal, it has now emerged as a captivating opportunity for investment in recent times. So if you are determined to invest in physical Silver this year, let’s delve into why the integration of physical Silver in your portfolio is a wise decision:

  • Silver Acts As a Protection Shield: We live in a world of economic uncertainties and ever-evolving market dynamics. Investors often look for safe assets to protect and grow their wealth. Instead of utilising legal tender in these times, they flock to using assets such as physical Silver, which can serve as a reliable source of wealth during such times.
  • Best Way To Diversify Your Portfolio: People often commit the mistake of putting all their eggs in one basket when investing in the stock market as they offer quick and attractive returns. However, this mistake can become a costly error when the stock market crashes, and you will have to helplessly watch a substantial chunk of your investment slipping away. Consequently, it is imperative to look for ways to diversify your investments and physical metal trading in the UAE in Silver can be your best bet.
  • The White Metal Offers Higher Returns: Silver often tends to move in sync with gold. This means a rise in the price of gold is directly proportional to the rise in the price of Silver. The gold-silver ratio presents an intriguing opportunity for people to invest in precious metals like Silver. The ratio indicates that it is more affordable than gold. Furthermore, given the recent rise in the robust demand for this precious metal in the market, which also finds industrial usage, people are now considering adding Silver to their portfolios.
  • Time Is On Silver’s Side: Precious metals like gold and Silver have long been recognised as legal tender and a store of wealth for decades. This lineage of Silver lends it a sense of stability which is why many people stay assured that the value of the metal will continue to persist. Governments also invest in physical Silver as a form of wealth reservation. In addition, the ease of buying, selling and storing precious metal is the cherry on the cake if you plan to make an investment in physical Silver in the UAE.

Summing Up

Current market trends mark a compelling opportunity for investment in physical Silver, supported by reasons such as higher returns, diversification of portfolio, and more. Integration of physical Silver into your investment strategy can help you potentially benefit from its attributes and aim for growth and stability in uncertain economic conditions or otherwise. If you plan to commence physical metal trading in the UAE, AB Metals is your right destination. We are an emerging platform that provides access to easy physical trading of precious metals such as Gold and Silver in the UAE. Visit our website to physically trade, store and manage your precious metals today!

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