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Buying Gold Online vs In-Person

18 September 2023

Gold has always fascinated investors. Whether you fancy shopping for gold online or prefer the traditional in-person experience, both paths offer unique advantages. Let's break it down for you to make your investing experience sorted!

Why Choose In-Person Gold Shopping?

This type of gold purchasing is best suited for those who like to see and touch their investments. Here, we have put more reasons for you to understand why buying gold in person can be a delightful experience.

Personal Touch

As an investor, you can walk into a gold shop, chat with the dealer, and make it personal. Also, you can share the budget and preferences for a tailored experience.

Tangible Joy

There's nothing quite like holding a gold coin or admiring a glittering piece of jewellery. It's an absolute sensory delight that you would not want to miss.

Loyalty Perks

Building a relationship with a local dealer often comes with benefits. Expect discounts and fair pricing as a loyal customer.

Instant Gratification

With in-person buying, you walk out with your gold in hand, no waiting for shipping. You can also take advantage of the facility of gold storage in Dubai offered by renowned dealers.

Why Online Gold Investing Has Its Shine?

In the digital age, online gold shopping has its perks:

Endless Options

Online platforms dazzle with gold products, from coins to exquisite jewellery. Fierce competition means great prices.

Expert Advice

Trustworthy online dealers offer expert guidance. They help you make informed choices aligned with your investment goals.

Convenience Galore

Shop from your sofa. Explore numerous online stores with a few clicks, saving you time and effort.

Payment Freedom

Pay your way - debit, credit, bank transfer, or digital wallets. It's your call.

No-Hassle Returns

Trusted sellers have clear return policies. Return items that don't match your expectations, following their terms.

Transparent Billing

Receive a transparent bill as proof of purity and weight.

Key Considerations

Whether you're an adept investor or just starting, both online and in-person gold buying offer unique advantages. However, the following are vital considerations that can help you avoid fraud and secure your gold-buying experience.

Legitimacy Check

Always verify the source. Stick to reputable websites or trusted local dealers with good reviews.

Gold Purity

Look for the hallmark symbol that proves authenticity.

Return Policies

Confirm the return policy, especially for online purchases. Read the fine print.

Cost Breakdown

Calculate the total cost, including making charges, stone prices, and craftsmanship.


Know the dealer's repair policies.

Choose AB Metals on Your Journey to Precious Metal Prosperity!

Want to ensure a secure gold investment? If so, AB Metals is at the top of the heap in being a one-stop solution for safe physical trading and investment. With us, you can experience tailor-made solutions and optimal service. Our service of gold storage in Dubai lets us maintain top-tier security for your precious metals. So why wait? You can connect with us or check our offerings on our website now!

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